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Welcome home!

Every City of Geneva resident is Uniquely Urban. The rich diversity brings color to our City's culture, and the growing grassroots movements are helping to enrich the lives of every demographic. The City of Geneva is always searching for ways to make the lives of residents a top priority, by working to provide you safe streets, great schools, opportunities for growth, recreational activities, and more- because resident pride is the foundation of our success.

This website will help you obtain information on:

* Easy access to City forms and documents that you need

* Information on all of the departments within the City of Geneva, NY

* Information on how to make a payment to the City of Geneva

* Answers to your frequently asked questions regarding municipal codes, the City budget, and other strategic plans


Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center





Looking for more information? Check out the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center's webpage at for:

* Useful posts and links that have to do with your neighborhood

* Current activities in your community

* Starting a new resident driven initiative

* Volunteering

* Current News about projects, programs, and initiatives